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Best UI UX Design Books Must Read In 2023

The idea is to experiment quickly and cheaply with potential customers, testing various ideas until the best version is reached and inserted into the market. This allows for analysis and a better understanding of the business model and its operation in the market. Don’t Make Me Think, published in 2002, has already become a classic for UX Design enthusiasts. The author, Krug, defends the theory that users should not have to think too much to figure out how to use a website, software, mobile app, or any other UI. Alan Cooper is a software designer, programmer and founder of Cooper – a leading interaction design consultancy. Any person who has been thinking seriously about launching their own product knows that an MVP (minimum viable product) is the thing to start with. However, if you start researching more, you discover that many people state that MLP (minimum loveable product) is a better thing to do, while the concept of MVP is outdated. Erika Hall in her book says research is a periscope offering you a better view of your surroundings. The list below contains some of the most relevant books focused on Usability and Interaction Design. It doesn’t go into depth on any topic, but it keeps the reader from getting bogged down with too many details. Hello Web Design s is a very easy lecture to read to get caught up on some of the basic web design concepts, especially for developers who don’t have time for a specialised design course. This book is a good starting point for those with no formal education in the design field, particularly web design. Every page is filled with need-to-know principles about the world of web design, many of which can be applied to the field of Design in general. It’s short, loaded with pictures and examples, information is condensed and written in a funny way. After this, Dieter Rams, the guiding force behind the Braun look, breaks down his design principles and processes in this elegant book. The book includes six parts that walk the reader through the process of designing a […]

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